PCB Development

Clgproject is a EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service) provider known for Manufacturing Circuit Boards, Designing, Printing & Assembling of PCB, Instruments & Allied Electronic Products, online selling of Electronic Component, Robotics & Educational DIY kits, IC's, Sensors etc.
In the educational domain, Clgproject has evolved over a plenty period of time, continuous research of the curriculum of various universities, colleges and schools gave it strong and unique courses as per the specific need of the students.

One of our major contributions also includes for the development of Electronics Industry through support of:

  • Individual Users
  • Hobbyists
  • Students
  • Educational Institutes

While maintaining high standards of ethics and values, we make sure our customers enjoy a delightful experience, an extreme comfort and a high convenience throughout the product cycle .Our PCB Design environment uses best in industry tools like Mentor Graphics and Cadence for design capture, PCB layout and design analysis.

Our customers are invaluable to us; their time, money and efforts matter a great deal. We, therefore, strive single-mindedly to minimize the cost, time and efforts of our valued customers, providing them complete solutions concerning PCB fabrication, PCB Layout-Design, Stencil Fabrication through our online ordering & tracking system

We strive to deliver quality products and services and have a team of creative, experienced and technically competent engineers, designers and staff at PCB POWER and CSIL actively serving the following industries:

PCB Layout & Schematic designing requires in-depth knowledge of component footprints, component symbols, datasheet, power, crystal, grounding, communication pins, wifi, antenna & high speed signals. Also special attention to signal layers, ground plane, power plane, power isolation, perfect component mounting, vias & plane isolation is must. Lots of in depth knowledge of PCB Multilayer management and component placement is required while dealing with Layout & Schematic in PCB Designing. 
We are experts in designing Analog & digital, high current multilayer microcontroller PCB Layouts & Schematics. All microcontrollers packages like simple SMD to BGA, customized PCB sizes, various mounting styles & panelization are supported by us. 

We offer best rates and quick PCB design services. We have three stage PCB Design review system that ensures error free PCB designing. 
We do Component footprint development & component library development assignments. 

PCB Designing Pricing :
For PCB design rates, Email your circuit details to 
Experience Counts: Designing PCBs since year 2003

   Industrial Grade PCB Designing

   Quick Service

   Gerber or Positive-Negative PDF Files Included

   We use licensed PCB Designing Software

   Optional PCB Manufacturing Service Provided

   Single-sided, double-sided.

   with high density design handing capabilities.

   Component Library creation as per IPC standard.

   Design for SMD, through-hole & mixed design with QFN,BGA, LGA & etc.

   Design as per EMI/EMC requirement.

   Design for manufacturability (DFM)

   Design for Assembly (DFA)

   Bill of material generation.

   Design & placement as per component datasheet

   Gerber generation

   Multilayer Layout

   Schematic & Layout Designing